Prepare for Launch! Try Hang Gliding in Phoenix!

Phoenix hang gliding lessons are a thrill from beginning to end! Whether you are a seasoned pro or new to the sport, you'll enjoy the experience of soaring on the Arizona wind. Reserve your hang gliding experience with the American Hang Gliding Network and learn to fly solo or tandem with the best Hang Gliding Schools in Phoenix.

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Tandem ... Getting into the air is easy!
Make your tandem hang gliding lesson a most exciting and memorable experience!

A tandem flight will open a new world of fun as you float though the sky on a sunny Phoenix afternoon … the adrenaline rush is palpable. Once in the air get ready to experience the time of your life with exciting air maneuvers such as stalls, dives, and turns ... a surefire way to amp up the adventure.

Tandem Hang Gliding in Phoenix
Have the time of your life riding the wind!

First Tandem Hang Glide in PhoenixGet ready to enter the world of hang gliding with specially trained experts, available to give you an unforgettable time over Phoenix, Arizona. A tandem hang gliding experience delivers the intense thrills in the company of your certified instructor, who stays with you from beginning to end. Imagine the excitement of flying to altitudes of up to 2000 feet and all you have to do is let yourself go with the flow.

Here's what you should expect for your tandem experience:

  • Brief introduction on safety and operational procedures Practice runs on bunny (small) hills.
  • You and your instructor are hooked into the glider
  • An ultra light plane tows you to altitude or you'll run a few feet to build momentum
  • The glider is released and you are in the air soaring fly freely like a bird (or if you're lucky next to one).

Call Hang Gliding in Phoenix's reservation team at 1-877-845-8668 and start flying today.

Try Tandem Hang Gliding in Phoenix today! Our Hang Gliding Experts are standing by!

The Basics of Flight!
Go Tandem and experience an amazing adventure!

Phoenix Hang Gliding LessonsIn order to fly you have to maintain a constant speed and keep your direction in a straight line; it is that simple. Imagine what it feels like to ski: if you are moving too fast, you push away to slow down or if moving too slowly, you pull inward to build momentum.

Flying the hang glider over Phoenix uses the same principle. You have to sense your airspeed and if you were moving too fast, you would push the control bar away from you to slow down. If you sense the airspeed is too slow, simply pull the control bar inward to speed up your flight over the Arizona skies.

You and your instructor will constantly be adjusting your position and speed. For instance, if you are not in a straight line and had veered to the right or left you both would need to shift your body in the opposite direction to get back on course. Know that this is one of the easiest ways to fly. It's time to take to the skies by booking with Hang Gliding in Phoenix. Your dream of flight is just a phone call away.

Call Our Phoenix Hang Gliding Experts at 1-877-845-8668 and take flight today!

Regulations may prohibit hang gliding within city limits and suburbs. Local hang gliding affiliates are conveniently located near Phoenix, Arizona but not within city limits. "Hang Gliding in Phoenix" and others are popular search terms for hang gliding in the greater Phoenix area and are not intended as a guarantee of location. Hang Gliding in Phoenix is a website that advertises for hang gliding centers who are affiliates of RushCube.